Beauty Eyebrow&Beauty Eyelash

our mission is indulge you with the best skills and services

Beauty Gene Professional is the first salon to develop eyebrow styling techniques specifically for Japanese facial shapes.
But we realize that techniques alone will not satisfy our customers.
The salon’s atmosphere, the beauticians’ hospitality, how well we know each customer and can tune in to her needs…
We make the following efforts to ensure that each minute you spend with us is delightful and satisfying, and your experience is luxurious and relaxing.

Request your preferred stylist


You are welcome to ask for your preferred stylist at no extra cost (with some exceptions).
Having a regular stylist gives you a sense of security,
as she knows your lifestyle and tastes and can offer a variety of suggestions.
We will ask whether you have a preferred stylist when you make an appointment.

All salon chairs use all-over Tempur cushioning


All salon chairs use all-over Tempur cushioning
Your styling time may exceed an hour depending on the menu. Beauty Gene Professional custom orders our salon chairs so that you can relax and relieve daily tension during the precious time you spend with us.

All the skincare products we use and eyebrow products we sell are additive-free


Japanese women are said to have the finest, most beautiful skin. This also means their skin is delicate and sensitive.
Please rest assured that we use only additive-free products, which cause minimal damage to the skin.

Salon interiors designed in tranquil white tones

White is the purest and most soothing of all colors. All Beauty Gene Professional salons have a consistent white look,as we want every moment you spend with us to be relaxing.